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Looking For a Toller?

We are now accepting applications for male puppies, born Oct 29/23. They will be ready to go just before Christmas (No, I DO NOT sell puppies for Christmas gifts!) Depending on how you spend your holiday season, this is either a great time or an absolutely terrible time to bring home a puppy - think carefully before you inquire for this litter! If you tend to enjoy quiet holidays at home, maybe this is a good time. If you spend your holidays traveling, hosting large parties and otherwise having a hectic schedule with a lot of commitments, this is not the right time to add a puppy to your life!


Another litter is on the way as well, ready to go home just before Easter 2024 (late March 2024) No clue why my girls insist on having heat cycles to coincide with puppies ready to leave around various holidays LOL


Please send an email to be sent an info pack and application for a puppy.


Please note, I DO NOT ship puppies, you must be willing to pick up in person.

We are located just outside Calgary AB Canada 


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