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Hello, my name is Lisa, and I am truly a "dog person"! I grew up around a wide variety of dogs, from herding (3 German Shepherds and a Shetland Sheepdog), toys (a Chihuahua and a Silky Terrier), sporting (a Labrador), working (Alaskan Malamutes) & non-sporting groups (Lhasa Apso, Boston Terriers) plus a few mixed breeds. Even as a child I knew I was a "dog person" and trained my last GSD, my mixes and a Malamute to at least CD level, although we never competed.


In 1992 I entered the world of dog showing with my first Golden Retriever, and acquired a second one in 1995. But although I loved Sammi & Montana, they weren't quite what I was looking for in a dog.


Finally in 1998 I got a chance to bring home my first Toller, after being thoroughly fascinated with the breed for over 10 years! Right away I knew that Tollers were the breed for me...the size, temperament, personality, activity level, drive and intelligence of the breed were just what I had always wanted.


I have also owned, trained and competed with several Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, a Labrador Retriever, and a mixed breed, but currently only have Tollers in my family. 


My life truly has "gone to the dogs".... I have been working as a professional dog groomer since 1999, and most of my "spare time" is spent training the dogs in a variety of sports. I have also taught agility classes in all levels from beginners to upper level competitors.


Aside from the dogs, I also have a pet parrot (a Crimson Bellied Conure named Phoenix), and 2 Gerbils (named Caramel & Marshmallow). The gerbils love to help the dogs learn the sport of Barn Hunt, they enjoy interacting with the dogs while safely behind the barrier of their tank or training containers!


Phoenix the Crimson Bellied Conure
Marshmallow & Caramel the Gerbils
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