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Our dogs are our pets first, breeders second. Our dogs live in the house as much-loved members of our family. Temperament and health are always our #1 priority. Tollers are a very versatile breed and our dogs are proof, having been active in conformation, obedience, rally, tracking, flyball, agility, scent hurdle racing, upland & waterfowl hunting, hunt tests, lure coursing, sledding, nosework, barn hunt, disc dog, dock diving, herding, parkour, tricks, SuperDogs shows, hiking, scrambling, geocaching, service dogs, and therapy dogs. But just as important, they excel at the most important job of all - they are all wonderful, loving family companions!


If you are seeking a "bargain puppy" or are "price shopping" please look elsewhere. If you are seeking a quality, well-bred Toller with the correct temperament & instincts, with breeders who will act as a support system throughout the dogs lifetime, please contact us. We sell all of our puppies on contracts that protect the breeder and buyer and most importantly, the puppy. Most breeders we refer to use the same, or similar contracts.

We care about our dogs and their future. We health test all our breeding stock and know the history behind them, not just the sire and dam. There are lots of breeders out there that sell their puppies for less than we do. But remember the old saying. "You get what you pay for". 

We are based in Rocky View County, just east of Calgary, Alberta, Canada










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