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Co-Ownership Program

In order to keep our "in-house" number of dogs low so that we can give them optimum care & attention, we occasionally have breeding stock to place in approved co-ownerships. Co-owner families must live in AB, we reserve show/breeding rights for our co-owned dogs and all dogs in our this program must be kept intact (not spayed/neutered!).


This is not the program for you if you are looking for a free dog, are not interested in working closely with the breeder, or providing the breeder access when needed (for routine grooming, competitions, vet visits/health clearances etc)


Co-owners get to have the dog as their pet the majority of the time, but must agree to follow certain conditions set out in our Co-ownership Agreement, please notice this includes the dog coming back to Tollwest (typically twice) to raise litters for us (girls) or occasionally coming back to us for stud services (boys).


Co-owner families must feed an approved diet (raw food diet and/or ProPlan or Inukshuk kibble), and must be willing to attend training classes with us, as dogs in the co-owner program will be shown and trialed in competitions. You are not required to compete with the dog yourself, but if you are interested you are most welcome to participate, in any and as many events as you want to! All pre-breeding health clearances will be done at my vets at my expense, and all show/competition expenses are also done at my expense. I will also provide regular professional grooming and any needed boarding at no charge. You also get the bragging rights of knowing you have one of the overall top dogs in a litter - I only place those ones in my co-ownerships!


Once a co-owned female is finished in our breeding program, she will be spayed and CKC ownership transferred fully to the co-owner family. Co-owned males are generally placed into homes under an agreement to keep the dog intact until 5 years old, at which time he could be neutered and the CKC ownership would be transferred fully to the co-owner family.

If you are interested in becoming a co-owner for a future Tollwest dog, please email us and tell us about yourself, what you are looking for in a dog and why you think you would be a good fit for a dog to co-own with Tollwest. 


We currently are looking for a co-owner for a very promising male puppy in our current litter, who will be ready to go just before Christmas. Interest in competing/titling in dog sports would be ideal, but we are also open to an active companion home that will work with us to get the training and socializing needed and let us get the needed titles done

If you are interested in learning more about co-owning, please email us


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